Helping Each Other
One Step at a Time
We believe that our call is to help improve the lives of the under privilege in the world most especially the vulnerable population like widows, orphans and the old. These group of people are often abused and abandoned to fend for themselves. We want them to feel our touch of love.
Our Aim
To promote and support orphans, widows and the afflicted.
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Welcome to Touching-Lives-Foundation
Touching-Lives-Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization which is dedicated to serve Man kind. It is apolitical, non-profit and non-governmental networking organization with Headquarters in Washington D.C., United States of America. It became a network in 2013 and was registered under the Cameroon Law of Associations on the 29th of May, 2013 by Ministerial Decision, with Registration Number 211/G 37/D14/Vol.1V 5AAJP. Touching-Lives-Foundation was conferred the status of a recognized national NON GOVERNEMENTAL ORGANIZATION under U.S.A. Law with Registration Number EIN No. 46 480 2576 and 501 c3 tax exemption. Touching-Lives-Foundation's goal is to improve the status and living conditions and standards of the under-privileged, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, particularly the orphans, widows, and needy children in various states of hopelessness. We seek to eradicate poverty and hopelessness among the youths, widows, orphans, women, with special emphasis on the girl child, for a meaningful and sustainable development and nation building for social change.

Touching-Lives-Foundation was created and registered in Cameroon with registration number: No. 211/G.37/D14/Vol.II/SAAJP headed by Madame TINGWEI CAROLINE as the Pioneer President.

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