Our Aim
To promote and support orphans, widows and the afflicted.
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obj-2- To support the orphans, widows, the underprivileged and vulnerable children and rejected elderly people, in their efforts to maintain their standards of living and innovations for sustainable development. - To encourage solidarity actions among other network organizations with the same vision and mission. - To facilitate economic empowerment, learning environment, which is ICT friendly - To do capacity building through seminars, trainings, symposiums, exchange visits, study tours which are all geared towards achieving our objectives - To promote monitoring through follow-up programs after strategic planning. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES - To increase the economic level of the underprivileged and vulnerable children, orphans and the rejected elderly people. - To meet the direct needs of the elderly, orphans and street children - To provide disadvantaged children, especially the youths of schooling ages with conducive study environments, and facilities into enable them have access to quality education which is a criteria for social change in this dispensation. - To provide medical facilities to rural health centers and hospitals as well as home based care to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to ensure a near healthy environment. - To ensure facilities relevant to the training and building of the capacity of women and young people for their effective participation in any community-based developmental projects and project proposals. - To encourage, propose, organize, supervise and monitor capacity building-based programs for the youths, particularly the vulnerable children in adolescence. obj-1 - To rehabilitate victims of parental irresponsibility and prepare them for family and community reintegration - To network with vision-related organizations and institutions towards the goal of improving the status and living conditions of vulnerable groups in poverty eradication initiatives - To ensure quality education for the youths - To initiate adult literacy programs for the widows and the rejected elderly persons.
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