Our Aim
To promote and support orphans, widows and the afflicted.
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Our Projects
img Touching-Lives-Foundation is composed of totally diverse people of the same mission to make everyone in the world loved, cared for, and important. We are a non-profit organization who does the best we can to provide as many people possible. We seek to bring justice and protection to children, women, and even husbands, and workers who are abused and mistreated. In cooperation of other government or non-government organizations, programs, and gold-hearted people we offer:
  • Free Medical Check Ups
  • Treatment
  • Distribution of Medication
  • Basic Education/Educational Activities
  • Seminars
  • Programs
  • Counseling
  • Feeding Drive
Touching-Lives-Foundation has more brilliant charitable plans and programs. Help us fulfill it. It is for the good of the many. Our headquarters is located at Maryland. Our contact number is 240-481-4000. Everyone is welcome to drop by, send donations, apply as volunteer, or sponsor a child. Forget our name but never our cause, Touching Lives.

We also reach out to educational institutions.

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