Our Aim
To promote and support orphans, widows and the afflicted.
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Efforts to empower the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities are greatly hampered by recent trends in societies. This group of people make up the majority the population and thus present a great threat to the nations development efforts. We call on you therefore, to share our vision and mission. You might be passionate about what we do, what we intend to do to change lives but you do not have the resources required. We want to let you know that our charity work needs your expertise. Join us in serving Mankind with your time and valuable moral contributions which will trigger the desired goal we envisage. We are very appreciative. So, 'lend us your shoulder for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and the underprivileged to lean on'. Share your brilliant and constructive humanitarian ideas with us, and be a role player in this course. Indicate your interest and we will guide you.

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